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Resident Masters & Siboks of TAMA
Master Dom Hussl

Master Dom Hussl has been practicing the martial arts since 1988, almost 26 years of continuous training in a passion he started as a teenager. His first experience was from 1988-1995 as a practitioner of a Japanese style called Jukido, which is a combination of Combat Judo,  Shorin Ryu Okinawan Karate, and Tomiki Aikido.  His aikido originated from the Tomiki branch, under one of two students of original master of Aikido Grandmaster Ueshiba, Master Tomiki.  He also learned jujitsu during this time, and under his first master accomplished the ranking of 3rd Dan, or 3rd degree black belt.

In 1995, Master Hussl transitioned to the tutelage of Master Jeff Bolt, the 40 year senior student of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, in Chinese kung fu and Tai Chi.  Under Master Bolt, Master Hussl has developed high skills in Southern White Crane, Northern Long Fist, and Yang tai chi. He has studied with Master Bolt, and with his classmates now, for almost 19 years and is considered one of the school’s top proponents of chin na (the Chinese art of grabbing, seizing, and controlling one’s opponent), a recognized specialty of both Dr. Yang and Master Bolt.

In the last few years, Dom has also learned li he bua fa, a combination of the three major internal styles (Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing I) into one comprehensive and difficult style.  His understanding of this style has allowed him new insight into the development of the internal side of the martial arts.

Master Hussl has been a training brother and friend to Master Michael Aronson, Master Gary Readore, and Sibok Nick Botary for many years, and is looking forward to bringing his unique perspective of real martial arts to Texas Asian Martial Arts.

Master Gary Readore

Master Gary Readore’s  study of the martial arts didn’t occur until he was enrolled in college at the University of Houston in 1985 and took a P.E. class with Grand Master Kim Soo of Kim Soo Karate for one semester.  His martial arts interest was piqued and Sifu Readore went on to study for several years at Grand Master Kim’s school in Spring Branch .  It was around 1991 and at the age of 29, Sifu Readore began to look into a form of exercise he could do while dealing with a chronic health condition.  This is where he stumbled across the Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan which was offered as a lunch time course where he worked at the City of Houston.  The course was taught by Master Nguyen of the Zenobics Society.  Further study led him to find Master Chien Li Wu who was teaching at the Taiwanese Cultural Center and from whom he learned the Yang Style long form.

Ultimately in 1992 Sifu Readore met his main taichi and martial arts teacher, Master Jeff Bolt, who had founded the Houston Institute of Martial Arts and Medicine.  This is what Master Readore had been looking for and he commenced training at the school three days a week for 2-3 hours a day.   This was also supplemented with much personal practice outside of class by himself and with other classmates.  From Master Bolt he learned the Yang Ban Hou Style 108 Form, Push Hands (stationary and moving), Taichi Two-Person Fighting Set, Taichi Straight Sword Form, Taichi Broad Sword Form, Taichi Two-Person Straight Sword Form and Qin Na.  Master Readore studied with Sifu Bolt until the school, now renamed to “Jeff Bolt Kungfu and Taichi”, was closed in 2006 .     

 In 2003, Master Readore had the pleasure to meet Master Al-Walee Muhammad and studied with him learning the Yang Style 108 movement form, Yang Style 24 movement form as well as push hands.  Master Muhammad had a keen insight into the internal martial arts that few can match. Master Readore has also studied Chen Style taichi with Grand Master Cheng Jin Cai where he learned the 38 Movement form as well as push hands.  Also, in the course of watching YouTube videos of Chen stylist Master Chen Zhonghua (aka, Joseph Chen), Master Readore became very much intrigued with Master Chen’s Practical method style of taichi handed down through the lineage of Hong Jun Sheng and Chen Fa Ke.  He has been studying this specific Chen style since 2010 and now studies with good friend Alex Renwick, having learned the Yilu form and now learning the Chen style broad sword form.  Master Readore also owes much thanks to his good friend and training partner, Master Michael Aronson, for his training and teaching in shaolin kung fu and bringing out his “Yang” side.  Thanks also go out to training partners  Nick Botary, and Dominick Hussl for helping raise his kungfu skills.  We have “sweated blood” together for many years.

Sibok Richard Ross
I began my martial arts journey in May 2004 at the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) in Houston, Tx. While at attending this martial arts school, I studied the style of Songahm taekwondo under the great martial arts Master Billy Probst. While training in the ATA, I also competed in several tournaments and achieved first place honors in forms.  I also began to learn the Chan Hon (Chun Ji) style of Taekwondo. This  was the first style taught under the unified name of Taekwondo. In order to become a true martial artist, Master Probst began to teach me weapons and joint manipulation. Master Probst also taught me the way of the martial arts warrior of which gave me the ability to adapt to various situations. In May 2006, I received my first degree blackbelt in the Songahm Taekwondo from the ATA. In April 2007, I received my first degree blackbelt in Probst Traditional Martial Arts (PTMA). In the same year, I also became a certified PTMA instructor. In June 2009, I was promoted to third degree blackbelt and PTMA Senior Instructor. In May 2012, I achieved the rank of 5th degree blackbelt and PTMA Chief Instructor. In 2016 I achieved the rank of Master under Grandmaster Probst. I achieved this rank by preserving through life’s challenges and hardships. I have also had the privilege and honor of training under the Shaolin Grand Master Michael Aronson. Grand Master Aronson has taught me various chi an applications and southern eagle claw techniques. 
Sibok Rodney Littles

Master Rodney Littles started Martial Arts training in 1991 in American Kempo Karate and obtained a Black Belt in the system by 1994.  During high school, Rodney was an Athlete.  Competing in Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball and Track.

In 2001, he tried to create a Boxing Club at Morehouse College with a few friends who got together and sparred weekly.  He sparred and worked out with a few boxing students.

One night hanging out with friends in a club, a person much larger than Rodney accosted one of the ladies in the group.  Not wanting to have his friend harassed, Rodney stood up for her.  His hands were fast, but no matter how hard he hit, it did nothing.

Rodney decided that he needed a change.  He researched arts, styles and systems and chose Ying Jow Pai, because of the joint locks and fluid motion.   In 2008 he became a student under Master Joel Rodriguez.  After sparring Master Rodriguez, he knew he had found the right style and system.  Ying Jow Pai is about generating power from motion, not from muscle.  Size was not a factor in being effective with the system, only technique and skill.

After Master Rodriguez’s death in November 2010, Rodney was fortunate to have become close with  Master Michael Aronson.  Master Aronson accepted Rodney as his student to train him in Ying Jow fighting.  While travelling to New York to Ying Jow Pai Headquarters to obtain his  Instructors Rank, Rodney has also been training with  Master Aronson on Ying Jow Fighting principles, application and technique. Rodney is now a ranked instructor in Shum Ying Jow, having received his ranking directly from Grandmaster Yee Shum Leung. He has recently been ranked by Master Aronson as Master in TAMA and Southern Shaolin Eagle technique.

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