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Master Michael Aronson MBA

Master Michael Aronson MBA has studied the Chinese martial arts for almost 43 years, commencing his practice in 1977. Before that he wrestled in high school for five years, winning two state championships. His chief areas of study include:  Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu under Grandmaster Leung Shum of New York City,  Northern Shaolin Family Style Nine Birds under a top Grandmaster in Dallas , and Northern Long Fist/Southern White Crane/Yang Style Tai Chi under Grandmaster Jeff Bolt (Senior Student of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming of Boston and California). His specific area of expertise, which he has honed over many years,  is his ability to execute and employ the Chinese art of Chin Na, or seizing, grabbing, and controlling the opponent in real life situations.  These techniques, along with specific defenses against knives, guns, and other weapons of opportunity, allow all whom learn them to feel secure and confident in defending themselves and their loved ones. He has adapted this knowledge to make applicable in situational self-defense and women’s self defense situations, from walking to the garage late at night to facing an attacker with a knife.

Among his credentials:

Competed for 19 years from 1981-2000 all over the United States and Hong Kong in both Chinese and Open martial arts tournaments, finishing 4th in the United States in forms, weapons, and fighting at one point. This includes full contact competitions.
  • Has judged local, state, and national tournaments for  over 20 years, in both Open and Chinese martial arts tournaments.
  • Has participated in many demonstrations to show the beauty, grace, and effectiveness of both kung fu and tai chi in self defense, health, and exercise.
  • Is ranked at Master or Senior Instructor Level under all three of his teachers 
  • Teaches 2-4 times a week to  students in private settings, including health and wellness locations, self-defense seminars with partners, and his garage. .
Master Billy Probst

As a kid I loved Bruce Lee so at the age of seven, I was able to talk my dad into letting me learn Martial Arts. He started me in Judo. Not what I expected, but I did learn a lot. I got up to one test short of black belt. Then we moved. I was an army brat so we moved a lot. At the next base that we move to there was an Aikido school. So I jumped head first into learning that. It was a lot more fun. Once again right about the time I was getting ready to test for Black Belt we moved again. This time to Houston, this is where I started taking Tae Kwon Do.  I have been studying Tae kwon Do since. In my life I have studied under several very good masters, each teaching me something different about Martial Arts. I have to give acknowledgement to the one master that has done the most for me in my adult life. She is MASTER RENEE BATTENBURG from the (A.M.A.I.). She has had and always will have my never ending respect and love as a student to master. If she has taught me nothing else she has taught me what HONOR and RESPECT mean through example. I hope I can live up to her standards.
I also have to give credit to MASTER MICHAEL ARONSON for helping me understand what being a master is all about. I never could have become a true master without this man. I owe so much in my life to these two masters. I have been doing Martial Arts for 35 years. I am an ex Harris County Police Officer, and a family man. I truly believe that your faith, your family and then your Job come before martial arts. With that being said I also believe that Martial Arts can never leave you. Once it’s in your blood it will always be there. It is a friend that will never let you down. I hope that I can install that in as many people I can come in contact with that are willing to let me teach them the P.T.M.A. style of martial arts.

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